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Palma vs milk. The manufacturer of mayonnaise “Sloboda” spoke out in defense of palm oil

Пальма против молока. Производитель майонеза "Слобода" выступил в защиту пальмового масла

The group of companies “EFKO”, the largest Russian manufacturer of special and margarine, which is also involved in the production of mayonnaise,yogurt, vegetable oil and soap, has opposed the initiative of Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev to ban the use of palm oil and other vegetable fats in the production of dairy products.

As reported by the Dairy News, in the session of final Board of the Ministry of agriculture, the Minister announced the intention to ban the use of powdered milk and of vegetable oils in the production of dairy products. These measures are proposed by the Ministry to protect the interests of domestic producers.

Some domestic dairy manufacturers, in particular, the head of Lipetsk management Board GK “Trio”, the head of the agrarian Committee of the Public chamber of Yevgenia Uvarkina supported the initiative of the Minister. Uvarkina noted that imports of milk powder and vegetable fat replaces the needs of processors in the raw milk. In her opinion, against the Russian milk producers used unfair competition, including that associated with the importation of cheese-like products made with vegetable fats.

In turn, the press service of the company “EFKO”, which, according to Rospotrebnadzor, has long been a leader in the import of palm oil among Russian producers, opposed the initiatives of the Ministry of agriculture.

The press service of “EFKO”, said that the milk powder is exactly the same natural product like raw milk. From raw it differs only in the absence of vitamin C which is destroyed by heat treatment. The company agreed to increase production in Russia, their own milk, but noted that to do so quickly will not work and stressed that the change of the technical regulations requires a discussion together with industrial community.

In “EFKO”, stressed that the use of vegetable fats in dairy products is currently prohibited, and may only use them in the production of milk-containing products. But it replaced only part of the animal fats for vegetable oils without replacement of milk protein, indicating the presence of non-dairy components on the label. The press service of “EFKO” stated safety products with palm oil and even its benefits, noting that milk products are low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and have a more balanced fatty acid composition.

The Deputy krasnooktyabr rural settlement, Belgorod district, mechanical engineer of agriculture Alexander Kurchevsky commented to the correspondent “MBH media”:

Companies importing palm oil, of course, disadvantageous to the ban on the use of cheaper raw materials. In my opinion, if they have to go with “palm trees” on milk, there will be no excess profits. Because corporations whose activities are based on the use of palm oil, so I was worried after hearing about the initiative Tkachev. I am 15 years old worked in agriculture and another 15 years as a sales Manager of agricultural equipment and know the specificity of many of the Belgorod dairy and milk products. Unfortunately, in Russia there is an insufficient amount of milk. Manufacturers are forced to sell it at low prices. On one of the farms of the Belgorod I recently reported that in 2017 they implemented the milk for 23 rubles per liter, and now sell for 17 rubles. And despite the fact that feed prices on fuel are growing from year to year! To operate at a loss no one wants, because it is necessary to support dairy farmers, including those measures suggested by the Minister of agriculture. Otherwise, we’ll disappear the last dairy farms, and we will only use surrogate instead of real milk. I hope that the corporations use in the production of “palm”, will not be able to affect the authorities, who finally decided to take care of the milk producers, — the Deputy told.

As previously reported, “MBH media”, group of companies “EFKO”, based in the town of Alekseyevka in Belgorod region and currently has production sites in different cities of Russia, is suing VGTRK, TV channel “Biryuch” and journalist Arkady Mamontov because of the movie “Palm beach”, “Palm beach — 2” and “Palm beach — 3”, demanding to refute the information about the falsification of dairy products, transportation of palm oil in containers of oil and the violation of environmental legislation. Manufacturer of oil and fat products says that in the movies, the investigations reported inaccurate information.

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