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Palm Sunday: the main traditions and prohibitions

Вербное воскресение: главные традиции и запреты The festival falls in the year 2018 on April 1.

This day is dedicated to the solemn entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, about which is written in the Gospels. When Jesus Christ arrived, he was met by the jubilant crowd that greeted him with palm branches. In the Orthodox tradition, the palm was replaced by willow.

From palm Sunday has its own traditions, superstitions and sayings.

Holiday traditions

Perhaps the most widespread tradition of palm Sunday can be considered blows with willow. After willow was consecrated at the morning service in the Church, people would hit each other with twigs and saying: “Verba whipping, beat to tears. I did not beat, willow beats. Be healthy, like willow.”

The people believed that the consecrated willow has a special cleansing force that can save livestock from damage, disease and the evil eye.

Signs and sayings of the day

Palm week palm organized bazaars where they sold a variety of toys, books and sweets. There’s also bought and bound into bundles of willow. The beam was supposed to tie the paper angel, who was called the “Holy cherub”.

In addition, willow is associated with many sayings and signs: “On the eve of palm Sunday St. Lazarus for willow climbed”, “the Cattle out in the field for the first time with willow palm Sunday”, “If Holy week wind, with matinees, Jari good will”, “On palm frost — spring bread will be good”, “willow thaw leads, driving from the river last ice”, “Not willow beats, and the old sin.”

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