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Paleontologists have found the remains of a giant dinosaur in South Africa

Палеонтологи нашли останки гигантского динозавра в ЮАРМafube differed from other sauropods.

An international team of scientists under Professor Jonah Choiniere found an unknown early appearance in the province of Free state.

Through the study of the limbs they were able to determine that the dinosaur belonged to the class of sauropods – plant-eating dinosaur that walked on four legs and belonged to the order of âŝerotazye. Species the name that scientists have given the dinosaur – mafube. Translated from one official language adopted for communication in South Africa, it means “a huge bolt of lightning at dawn.” The name, according to paleontologists, clearly reflects the huge size of the dinosaur and its origin from a group of sauropods.

He belonged to one of 13 families, 70 genera, and were one of over 130 species of this group. But mafube differed from other sauropods more sturdy and durable limbs, slightly surprised scientists, given that most members of this group had thin limbs. Mafube lived about 200 million years ago during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

Genetically this species is closely associated with all the dinosaurs that lived on the territory of present-day Latin America, which confirms the theory of the existence of a single supercontinent Pangaea, with, apparently, his territory was even more than the paleontologists, and geographers assumed before.

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