Saturday , October 20 2018

Called dangerous quality nuts and grains

Excessive consumption of nuts leads to tooth decay. The remains of primitive people helped scientists figure out what may cause tooth decay, reports Chronicaling with reference to As writes the edition “the World 24”, archaeologists have studied the remains of ancient people which inhabited the planet about 15 thousand …

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Physicist counted the snowflakes on the planet

The scientist believes that to find two identical snowflakes almost impossible. Physicist Jon Nelson from Arizona state University (USA) estimated the number of possible types of snowflakes that can exist on the planet. Dedicated a detailed article to the publication Popular Mechanics released in January. Possible number of different snowflakes …

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Laima Vaikule admired ageless face

Latvian singer still can not grow old, a recipe of her youth still unknown to the General public. Just a couple of months Laima Vaikule will be 63 years, but if you look at it carefully, more than 40 years, she will not be awarded. She looks stunning. Surrounding often …

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