Friday , November 16 2018

A resident of China original way killed three people

The killer was mentally ill. In the Chinese province of Henan, was detained mentally ill man who killed three patients at a private hospital, using as a murder weapon chopsticks. It is reported that the man named Yang Hush, suffering from mental disorder, was in a ward with other mentally …

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“Shakhtar” and “Poltava” will not play in the Cup

Quarterfinal match of the Cup of Ukraine between Shakhtar and Poltava re-will not take place. The first attempt to determine the semifinalist of the Cup of Ukraine was scheduled for 30 November, but due to severe weather conditions, the home stadium of Poltava proved to be unsuitable to host the …

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In Kiev, the District has limited traffic

Repair promised to finish before April 10. The utility began repairing the County road section from St. L. Kurbas St. to the Cathedral. As reported in “Kievavtodor”, repair and promised to complete before April 10. At this time, the traffic will be limited.

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