Thursday , September 20 2018

White smile: tips

If you have always dreamed of white teeth, then I advise you to listen to our advice. Many people prefer to rinse your mouth with hot water, but whether they do? One of the UK’s leading dental practitioners shared the secrets of the Hollywood smile. Dr. Richard Marques is called …

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U.S. replaces military assistance to Ukraine for loans – WSJ

The white house proposes to replace the grant military assistance loans. The white house in its budget proposal, the US wants to refuse to provide grant military assistance to a number of countries, replacing it with loans. Among these countries was Ukraine. This is with reference to sources in the …

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Abandoned village in China, absorbed in nature. Photo

A fairy village in China. Chinese Chengsi archipelago includes nearly 400 Islands. One of them was a former fishing village, now abandoned and is slowly but surely absorbed by the local vegetation. Chinese photographer Tang Yujun visited this hidden from the human eye the planet and allowed us to enjoy …

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