Thursday , June 21 2018

In Kiev, the District has limited traffic

Repair promised to finish before April 10. The utility began repairing the County road section from St. L. Kurbas St. to the Cathedral. As reported in “Kievavtodor”, repair and promised to complete before April 10. At this time, the traffic will be limited.

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The radical party continues to block the rostrum BP

Faction requires a cancellation fee for the gas. Deputies from the faction of the Radical party on Wednesday continued to block a tribune of the Verkhovna Rada. According to the head of the faction Oleg Lyashko, the decision NKREKP suspended and postponed, but this is not enough. On the eve …

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With the ISS again saw a flying saucer

Appeared the a relevant video. Australian UFO researcher Laszlo Novak from the ISS found a few bright white objects, which, in the opinion of the expert, could be a UFO. Objects while accompanied by the ISS, maintaining speed and distance, then gradually disappeared. Novak does not exclude that it could …

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