Friday , November 24 2017

Released the real reason for the death of George Michael

Senior investigator Darren Salter confirmed that British singer George Michael has died a natural death.The investigator confirmed that the singer suffered from dilation cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty degeneration of the liver. We will remind, the lover of the famous singer George Michael announced that he had committed suicide . …

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Kiev warn of the activation of wheel thieves

In Kiev, cars parked in yards, thieves EN masse take the wheel. Internet users published a photo of Peugeot car, which the thieves removed all four wheels. “That’s the picture on Rokossovsky. Take care of the wheels. Shoot for five minutes,” wrote members of the survey team leader The …

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The Deputy reported it to the police for alleged robbery

The MP complained to the assistant to the other Deputy, who came to the participants of the blockade with a call to stop the action. The police investigate a possible robbery Deputy assistant to another MP during the next conflict at the train station, Curve the End with the participation …

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