Saturday , July 20 2019

Putin posekretnichat the French on the crucial question for Russia

The Russian leader gave an important promise. The Russian leader promised that presidential elections will be held in strict accordance with the Constitution. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that talking about his participation in the presidential election in 2018 yet. He said this in an interview with French newspaper Le …

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Horror: in Russia, drunk hairdresser bitten saleswoman chebureks

The bully ripped his victim’s head. In the Sverdlovsk region of Russia drunk worker hairdresser gave taste of battle. Inadequate lady so loud chose a fatty meal, which caused the indignation of the saleswoman. The woman made the girl-foodie note, hitting its gastronomic sensibilities. Breaking the redoubts of cigarettes and …

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In Kiev, the motorcyclist got in a major accident

Law enforcement officials understand what happened. In the capital, happened large-scale autoincident. How did you find the, in the area of Congress street Bazhana on Grigorenko driver of the Toyota crossed the double and flew into the oncoming motorcyclist. Details and circumstances are being investigated.

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