Sunday , January 21 2018

China has created a road of speed bumps. Video

What is the reason for such a number of speed bumps is unknown. Road workers in China have installed more than 600 speed bumps on the road length of 1 km. Humps installed with an interval of only 1.5 m. because Of this, drivers are forced to move at minimum …

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The bloody shooting at an American school.

In the result of incident one student killed, three wounded.In a shooting at a secondary school in the vicinity of the city of Spokane (Washington) in the Northwest USA one student was killed and three wounded. “The threat from the gunmen shot,” said the chief of service of fire protection …

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“Mail of Russia” engaged in the sale of mobile electronics

The beloved “Mail of Russia” opened a new trading floor “Postmarket” a year ago, and tonight she added to different mobile electronics – smartphones, tablets and their ilk. No, it’s not the gadgets that disappear somewhere on the way between sender and recipient – sell new devices, warranty. To evaluate …

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