Friday , December 4 2020

Claims that Biden will be influenced by Beijing are Trump’s brazen attempt to create a Chinagate crisis that doesn’t really exist

Is Joe Biden susceptible to influence from China? That’s the narrative that’s being peddled. US intelligence official William Evanina claimed on Wednesday that China was seeking to conduct an “influence campaign on steroids” against the incoming Biden administration, adding that the country’s Communist Party was utilizing thousands of spies in …

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The BBC’s ‘bias to the right’ is the latest revelation from that famed bastion of objectivity – The Guardian

To the casual observer, the BBC is a typically left-leaning news organization. After all, this is the taxpayer-funded broadcaster that temporarily scrapped ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and ‘Rule, Britannia!’ from its annual BBC Proms, lets football pundit Gary Lineker spout anti-Brexit, pro-refugee sermons on Twitter, and tells white Britons …

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