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Owners of smartphones Google Pixel was faced with a new problem

Pixel and Pixel XL disappoint owners of a problem with the sound.

Looks like the new smartphone of Google is more trouble than it seemed initially. The first buyers encountered with amazing features smartphone’s camera and problems with the operation of Bluetooth and LTE. But it gets better. A new problem for the sound, and I think it affected more users Pixel and Pixel XL than I would like with Google.

For the first time on the issue drew the attention of a Reddit user under the nickname “badmark”. He noticed a crackling and distorted sound in your Pixel XL. He had three times to change the device under warranty, and with the fourth smartphone he observes the same problem. The problem is observed in a Pixel of his wife.

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In order to understand how common a problem, the owner of the faulty Pixel XL posted a link to the trailer of one of the films. At high volume the sound gets distorted this video on his smartphone. He has asked other owners of Pixel to view the video and share the result. 305 people have viewed the video and participated in the survey. In the result, 66% of smart phones owners upset with their distorted sound.

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At the moment it is not entirely clear whether the problem is software or faulty speakers smartphones. Alas, Google has little experience in the production of smartphones, and the company will have to learn to cope with the problems that other smartphone makers have long been got rid of.

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