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Owners of Renault Duster told about the cons of this model

Владельцы Renault Duster рассказали о минусах этой модели Any car is not without flaws.

Crossover Renault Duster with a mileage, it has several disadvantages. Experts point to the shock absorbers, “plavanie” of camber, the heating system and the ignition coil. However, the car has a number of advantages.

The disadvantage of crossover is close relationship with Logan, this is indicated by budgetary decisions, including the imperfect system of ventilation and heating. Sometimes in the winter my feet get cold. When the blowing of glass remain misted plots.

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Experts point to the low quality paint, especially in areas subject to ingress of sand and gravel from the road. The disadvantage is the paucity of equipment in the budget models, no air conditioning and ESP. Have a Duster with a mileage of observed leakage of fluid from the power steering, transmission oil seal leaking. Ignition coil often fails. Shock absorbers do not have a long lifespan, especially the rear. Moisture from the air conditioner accumulates under the Mat, often rot the wiring connectors.

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Among the advantages of this model indicate that ground clearance is 200 mm, and energy-intensive suspension. Motors reliable and durable, the machine is easy to maintain and repair. There are many parts marked unification with the other models. The crossover has a spacious interior and a roomy trunk, marked by the harmonious design of the body.

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