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Overnight Parking of Kiev promised to fix

Ночные парковки Киева обещают отремонтироватьDrivers fear next price increase.

In the capital launched a large-scale inventory of night Parking. Holds their special Commission consisting of officials of the Department of transport infrastructure KSCA, land, garbagestate and district administrations. The aim is to know the exact number of night stops, and in what condition they are.

Now night the Parking lot is taught in five areas: Dnieper, Desnyanskiy, Darnytskyi, goloseyevsky Svyatoshinsky and. “Experts are monitoring the area of land, boundaries, dimensions, number of Parking spaces in the territories, as well as check the sanitary condition of the markets”, — said the Director of the Department of transport infrastructure KSCA Sergei Simonov.

Check will last until the middle of next month, after which they will begin in: Obolon, Pechersk, Podil, Shevchenko and Solomenskiy areas. Complete inventory of all sites at the end of October.

UPGRADE. In the mayoralty add that inspections are conducted in order to assess the level of demand motorists to these Parking lots. “After inspection, you will know the exact number of all night Parking in the city and state budget will be resolved, what work will be needed to upgrade these sites. Definitely the condition of your Parking lot will improve. For example, it is planned that Parking will be replaced with asphalt, applied new markings, lighting,” — said in the Department.

Kiev fear that after the upgrade can take off prices. “If they change the asphalt, so the cost of Parking will rise. Now the city is paying for these services 450-550 UAH per month”, — says the citizen Ilya Ostapchuk. City hall still can’t tell whether to raise prices. “The cost of Parking at night Parking lots are determined by the contractors entrepreneurs that cater to these facilities under the contract. “Kievtransparkservis” has nothing to do with it” — retort in the Department.

Continue the city’s tidy and daytime Parking. Modernization started in August after the introduction of the new Parking rules. By KP “kievtransparkservis” has 32 Parking spaces. There informality set, marked and designated places for disabled Parking. It is planned before the end of the year to equip the city’s all day Parking.

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