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Over the Earth saw a mysterious space object

Над Землей видели загадочный космический объектMay 20, 2015 the US air force launched into orbit the unmanned space plane on solar batteries.

This is the fourth top-secret mission, and now, almost two years later, still nobody knows what exactly makes this plane.

Robotic space plane X-37B is in orbit already 678 days, beating his own record for the amount of time spent in space, but the government does not give any information about when he will return to Earth.

“Planting date will be determined upon completion of the tasks of this mission,” — said in an interview to the press-the Secretary military-air forces of the USA the captain of the Anna Maria Annicelli.

Due to top secret missions in recent years, a lot of assumptions about the tasks performed by this aircraft, including espionage in the middle East, bombing from space, which is not even technically feasible, as well as spying on Chinese space station. The hypothesis of cosmic bomber was more or less successfully debunked a former employee of the USAF, mark Lewis, who explained the impossibility of such projects are small precision like missile strikes and the problems of maintaining a constant orbit.

True, perhaps, is the hypothesis that the plane used for reconnaissance. This version appeared in 2010, when several observers-fans said that the X-37B flew over Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan every four days soon after it’s initial launch. The contradictory statements of government officials only encouraged speculation of the public.

“In interviews and statements, Pentagon leaders strongly denied that the plane has something to do with space weapons, while agreeing that his ultimate goal is to help ground troops,” reported the New York Times.

Mysterious space plane, which looks like a mini space Shuttle, has already held four secret orbital mission, and every time he increased his own record for the duration of the flight. His previous record was 674 days and was installed in the course of his mission, which lasted from December 2012 to October 2014. And even if we never find out what exactly was the mission of X-37B, at least we can see his flight as a demonstration of solar panels.

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