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Over the city flew a mysterious alien ship

Над российским городом пролетел таинственный корабль пришельцевOn the Annunciation seen a UFO.

One of the residents of Blagoveshchensk noticed in the background a stormy sky the suspicious flying object.

After the shot, he posted it on a popular Internet resource.

Skeptics believe that the picture is not a UFO, but a normal package. The photo was taken a few days ago in one of the Central districts of Blagoveshchensk. The man placed the on entertainment Internet portal Pikabu. The photographer asked the opinions of ufologists.

In the comments under the image immediately began an active discussion of the uncertain object. Treated pictures skeptical, but with humor: someone sees in the object of the slope, others – a deformed face, Yoda, and a third, more serious users, only the wind take the package.

A few years ago, a UFO visited city. First, aliens was noticed by the watchman of one of the museums of the Annunciation, and later the saucer hovered over the city dairy.

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