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Over Russia laughed because of the new attempts to appropriate the history of Ukraine

Над Россией посмеялись из-за новой попытки присвоить историю УкраиныThe blogger pointed out the important moments.

Russia is driving itself into a trap when appropriating the history of Ukraine. Ridiculous attempts to distance itself from Kiev, the Kremlin automatically destroy the myths about “spiritual brotherhood” of Ukrainians and Russians.

About it on air “Columnist.LIVE” said the historian, blogger Yuri Gudimenko.

He noted that the Russians can not afford to assign the symbols of the Ukrainian state, which have a direct relation to Kievan Rus.

As the state emblem of Ukraine, said the expert, was chosen as Prince’s sign of the times of Kievan Rus, the Trident. “We secured it for themselves in 1917-1918 gg”, – he stressed.

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Speaking of the national blue and yellow flag, which also has a long history, he noted: “the Russians now cringe from any match these two colors. Also it is very difficult to take”, he added.

Historian ridiculed the Kremlin propagandists who are trying to remove any mention of Kyiv in the context of the history of Russia itself.

“Staff associated with Kievan Rus, they have a dual situation. They are driving themselves into a trap. Very “cool” trying to distance itself from Kiev and to talk about “old state”. Thereby automatically retracts claim to a “spiritual brotherhood” and “all people”. You cannot push and pull. This concept will be torn,” said the blogger.

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As an example, he cited the curious cases with the Kiev Prince Vladimir Monomakh and Princess of Kiev Anna Yaroslavna, Queen of France. In both cases, Moscow officially claims that these state officials of Kievan Rus supposedly are related to the history of Russia.

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