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Over Mexico recorded a large concentration of UFO

Над Мексикой зафиксировали большое скопление НЛОUfologists found abnormal phenomenon in the sky of Mexico.

After a series of terrible natural disasters that struck the head of the citizens Misciasci the United States, scientists were able to capture over the territory of Mexico is an unprecedented accumulation of unidentified flying objects.

Ufologists have told the public and linked the event with the recent natural phenomena, which, apparently, interested in aliens.

In addition, the researchers of extraterrestrial civilizations noted that aliens visited the atmosphere of our planet immediately prior to the powerful fluctuations of the earth’s surface as the harbingers of aftershocks.

During this period, the Network appeared a lot of pictures of space ships of different shapes. A flying saucer was square, triangular and oval.

Also some research staff associate such phenomena with the usual panic arising in such cases.

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