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Over Avdiyivka facing a new threat

Над Авдеевкой нависла новая угрозаThe reason for the decline of production in the coking plant will stop Zuevskaya TPP.

Avdiivka coking plant may stop due to the rail blockade.

This was announced by Director of Avdiivka coke plant Musa Magomedov on his page in Facebook.

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“Avdiivka finally came to his senses. Back in the city earlier evacuated people. But, unfortunately, this is only the calm before the disaster. Don’t know how much suffering endured by these people, but I’m afraid I have to announce that they will be left without work and even without heat in their homes, despite all the efforts we have made to save the city and our factory. Honestly, hands down, when you realize that the threat this time is not external, but internal,” writes Magomedov.

According to Magomedov, the reason for the decline of production in the coking plant will stop Zuevskaya TPP, located on the uncontrolled territory, but registered in Ukraine.

The problem is that the Zuevskaya power plant can use coal only from mines in Pavlograd and Dobropolye, and to deliver it through the line of differentiation by rail, which blocked activists.

They (activists – 24) is actually applied to the plant stab in the back. The termination of coal supply at Zuevskaya TPP means to its stop; the city and surrounding areas remain without electricity and heat. Then – a sharp decline in production at our plant, which employs four thousand employees, – said Director of Avdiivka coke.

He added that under the impact of the blockade of the road will be metallurgical plants receiving coke from Avdiivka coke.

“Under attack falls Ilyich iron and steel works is another 18 thousand Ukrainians. By the way, MMK a name of Ilyich and “Azovstal” has already reduced production due to the blockade by 10% to stretch existing stocks of raw materials. And this is only the beginning. Not far off is the fall production of “Zaporizhstal” – said Musa Magomedov.

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