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Over Antarctica noticed a mysterious atmospheric phenomenon

Над Антарктидой заметили загадочное атмосферное явлениеNoctilucent or night shining clouds form in the mesosphere.

The AIM satellite (Aeronomy is The of Ice in the Mesosphere) has recorded 17 Oct noctilucent clouds over Antarctica. Experts note that this is a rare atmospheric phenomenon occurred on the continent earlier than usual, but the reasons are unknown. It is reported by NASA.

Noctilucent or night shining clouds form in the mesosphere — the layer of the atmosphere located at a height of 40 to 90 kilometers. They consist of ice crystals that reflect sunlight, and are visible in a deep twilight. They are usually developed in the summer (in the southern hemisphere summer starts in December), when the mesosphere is saturated with vapor, rising from the troposphere.

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Scientists believe that the early onset of the season of noctilucent clouds linked to climate change in the low layers of the atmosphere. This interaction between different areas of the air shell of the Earth meteorologists call a distant correlations (teleconnections). The researchers hope that with the help of AIM will be able to understand how gravity waves (in hydrodynamics — waves on the surface of the medium) affect these relationships.

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In 2014 research campaign of NASA’s Operation IceBridge have found that in Antarctica are melting huge amounts of ice. So, every year the glaciers are losing an average of 83 gigatons. This is equivalent to approximately half the mass of mount Everest. Scientists believe that the process may be irreversible.

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