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Over Antarctica had fully healed the ozone hole

Над Антарктидой полностью затянулась озоновая дыраThe ozone hole was first discovered over Antarctica in the 1980-ies.

The ozone hole over Antarctica is no longer there. To such conclusion experts of the European space Agency after the processing of data obtained from space satellites, Sentinel-5P.

“The first images of the ozone programmes Copernicus Sentinel-5P show the closure of the ozone hole over the South pole in November of 2017”, — stated in the message of the European space Agency (ESA).

Attached to the message on a flash video, which can see the process of tightening the ozone hole over Antarctica.

In addition, the spacecraft has recorded the allocation of nitrogen dioxide in the troposphere in Europe, Africa, the middle East and India. ESA noted that thanks to the most advanced multi-spectral spectrometer Sentinel-5P can provide very detailed and accurate data about the atmosphere. The satellite can even detect air pollution over major cities.

Head of mission Sentinel-5P Klaus Zener noted the importance of monitoring air pollution.

“We often hear about climate change and the depletion of the ozone layer, that’s why we need to control the atmosphere,” he said.

Note that the ozone hole was first discovered over Antarctica in the 1980-ies. According to modern concepts, the destruction of ozone due to the influence of substances, the chlorofluorocarbons, the most famous of which is the group of CFCs. This has prompted the international community to establish a mechanism for cooperation to take measures to protect it — the Montreal agreement. Indeed, without the ozone layer Earth defenseless against the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the Sun.

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