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Outraged Europeans demand that J. K. Rowling has settled at 18 for refugees


Joanne Rowling (J. k. Rowling), British writer and author of novels about Harry Potter, openly advocates for the integration of refugees in Europe and the UK. Joan even called on the Europeans to place refugees and orphans in their homes.

It all started with publications Rowling on Twitter, where the writer had posted the posts about the need for tolerance towards refugees, and called for open borders and the granting of a shelter in Europe.

After such statements, the residents of European countries began to discuss the words of the writer.

The Frenchman Marys Orelius even created a petition on the website that urges that Rowling has confirmed its attitude toward migrants that is the case. Or rather, posted 18 migrants at home.

JK Rowling with her husband
Fotodom / Rex Features

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“Because it is part of the elite, far from the real situation of rapes and murders committed by some visitors, we believe that it is time to demonstrate true solidarity. In the British mansion Rowling is, at least, 18 bedrooms, which can easily accommodate 18 workers, not to mention the huge plot adjacent to the house, where you can camp out, the petition reads. — We demand that the group consisted of four women and 14 men, as more than 75% of all refugees are men”.

JK Rowling
Fotodom / Rex Features

By the way, at the moment the petition was signed by more than 40 thousand people. Many still hope that Joan will answer for his words. Rowling so far has not commented on the situation.

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