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Out free multiplayer horror game SCP: Secret Laboratory

The game is based on survival horror SCP: Containment Breach 2012 from indie developer escape Games from Finland.

According to the story SCP is a secret organization whose employees are caught all kinds of deviant crap, lock up the chambers, and then wait, when they will break, and will inflict hell. What is actually happening. The aim of the player is also traditional to survive. Well, you have to get out of the fucking area 51.

Please note, the game space is generated anew each time, so that the location of objects, including deadly every time will be different.

In General the game is difficult to call spectacular, but she has a vast mythology, creepy atmosphere, and, most importantly, it’s free!

Multiplayer version of the game, SCP: Secret Laboratory have developed and released another Studio — Hubert Moszka. The project was dragged with engine Blitz3D to a more modern Unitythat was supposed to go in his favor.

Below you can see some screenshots, but especially to look at there is nothing. But you can check out the trailer, and there flashing cute small monstryatinu with a large head.

SCP: Secret Laboratory is now available on Steam.

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