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“Our people drink dynasties”. Why the rampant alcoholism in Lithuania will not go away

"Наши люди пьют династиями". Почему повальный алкоголизм в Литве никуда не делся

Lithuanian authorities are trying to deal with alcoholism. Previously adopted measures, according to the ruling. However, experts continue to insist that the Republic people drink families, and of the changes yet.

“Our people are drinking, families and even dynasties. If you compare the situation with the Soviet times, a positive signal is almost there, the General picture has changed little,” says Colossal head of Department “of Acute alcoholic psychosis” psychiatric hospitals of Vilnius, Steponas, Pukelis.

According to the doctor, there are people who have been in his division were twenty times. Was and actress, more than twenty times. To put the record man, which was 40 times treatment. He later committed suicide. Note that, according to statistics, 80% of suicides in modern Lithuania because of the alcohol.

“Physicians in 1989-1991 was hoping that the old Soviet alcoholics will die, and the new Lithuanian does not appear. Alas, this did not happen. Grown children of alcoholics and become like them. The doctors had fondly dreamed, and heredity do their job.”

“Love comes and goes, but always want to drink”

In the Lithuanian media recently reported that in ten years the Republic decreased alcohol consumption by 40%. This was reported by the State tax Inspectorate. For the first nine months of the current year decreased by 60% the sales of fortified wines, for an 8.5% beer.

However, according to the world health organization, Lithuania continues to be in leading positions: in year one Lithuanian has 15 liters of pure alcohol. More – 15.2 liters – only in Moldova.

According to President of the brewers Guild of Saulus Galadauskas, reason to believe that the data on the amount of alcohol consumption has changed:

“Politicians fighting with alcohol yields fruits in Lithuania alcoholic beverages are now buying less. But it is unlikely to consume less. It would seem that the forces need to work to change habits of residents. Instead, the struggle is with the sale. Why not change the habits of alcohol consumption, and only buying it”.

In fact, Lithuanians are actively buying alcohol, for example, in Poland and Latvia, from illegal traders. It is also noted that in the Republic intensified the moonshiners.

As mentioned above, 80% of suicides are associated with alcohol use. In addition, in Lithuania often become perpetrators precisely drinkers: once a drunk man stabbed four elderly women, a different story – the drunk parents threw her in a well small children.

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