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“Ouija: the Curse of Veronica” – new trailer, new release date

In General, this is beginning to resemble a real devilry. The Russian release date of horror Verónica, which we called “Ouija: the Curse of Veronique”, was changed several times: at the end of December Area of the Horrors reported on the next shift, but, it seems, and this date is now not relevant.

In our network, landed a couple of new trailers of paintings of foreign and Russian. The latter, together with the company-distributor , Cinema Prestige has presented colleagues from RussoRosso. So, in the dubbed movie release date is 8 February 2018. Perhaps it now will focus. Although the official website of the rental company until now, other information: 22 Feb. “IMDb” also voted for the 22nd, and the “film business today” for 8. In General, at least with February, just decided, and it pleases.

As for the trailers themselves, they are very, very impressive. Looks like the show is really creepy.

Recall the synopsis of the work:

Ouija – the Ouija Board call the souls of the dead. It is called the Board of the Devil, because communication with the world beyond the grave does not come to a living person without consequences. The one who picks up the Ouija should know that she has a terrible power to open the gates of a monstrous evil, to resist which is almost impossible. Veronica, beautiful and fun high school girl even could not imagine what it will end what she thought was an innocent game. Playing with Ouija let the girl’s life is not only the Ghost of a dead father, but Death itself. This chilling film is inspired by real events that happened a few years ago in Madrid. Then several people witnessed the paranormal phenomena that has even been officially recorded by the police.

At the helm of the project Paco Plaza, at the time grayhouse with the famous zombie horror “Reportage” [Rec]. Its pretty damn encouraging, it remains only to wait for the premiere and check praise from the Network with their own experiences.

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