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OSCE will start the clock surveillance in the Village Lugansk

ОБСЕ начнет круглосуточное наблюдение в Станице ЛуганскойThe clock on the base will be seven members of the SMM.

Special monitoring mission to Ukraine (SMM) has placed observers on a front line patrol base mission in the village of the Luhansk on a permanent full-time basis.

This is stated in the message of the mission on the page in Facebook on Saturday evening, August 19.

“The permanent presence of the mission on the basis will allow us to expand the possibilities of monitoring in this extremely important place on the bridge in the Village of Lugansk. Here remains extremely unstable situation and, unfortunately, this area is unique in the entire Luhansk region, the checkpoint of entry-departure”, – noted in the SMM.

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First Deputy chief monitor Alexander hug said that the observers will use a range of technologies to monitor this area, in particular a thermal imaging camera for night monitoring.

“However, only the observers can communicate with the civilians and be the eyes and ears of the international community. Now they are closer to people in the area and can provide more information about the needs and concerns of the civilian population”, – he stressed.

In the OSCE believe that the deployment of observers on a permanent full-time basis will be a step towards normalization of the situation in the Village of Lugansk, cease-fire, clearance and withdrawal of forces.

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“Despite the agreements reached on the breeding effort and money in the area of Stanytsia Luhanska, the parties still have not fulfilled them. In fact, the only movement of forces and means, which we have seen in the area, was moving forward. In addition, this area is still affected by landmines and unexploded ordnance”, – stated in the mission.

It is noted that the clock on the base will be seven members of the SMM.

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