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OSCE has suspended the operation of patrols in the Donbass

ОБСЕ приостановила работу патрулей на ДонбассеIt is connected with undermining the car of the mission in the Luhansk region.

The OSCE canceled all patrols after a car bomb mission, said the Deputy head of SMM Alexander Hg at a press briefing.

Yesterday morning a patrol of the OSCE mission hit a landmine in the village of pryshyb, controlled by the LC. Killed a U.S. citizen, two citizens of Germany and the Czech Republic − were injured. This is the first death among the observers for all the conflict in the Donbas.

“After the incident all patrols were returned to base. Today, the vast majority, if not all of our patrols have been cancelled,” said hug.

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At the same time, he noted that the patrols will be on Tuesday partially restored.

“Tomorrow, we partially restore the work and will return to normal operation when you find out all the circumstances of the incident. Now monitoring the situation via the camera, and from 12 locations, which are our observers,” explained hug.

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