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Oscar-2017: Jennifer aniston honored the memory of the deceased star of “Titanic”


So the ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar-2017” has come to an end. The favorite prize, the film “La La land” has received six awards in the categories “Best art Director”, “Best cinematography”, “Best original soundtrack”, “Best song” (City Of Stars), Best Director (Damien of Shazell) and Best actress (Emma stone). “The best film” was declared the painting “Moonlight,” directed by Barry Jenkins. “Oscar” in the nomination “Best male role” received Casey Affleck for the film “Manchester by the sea.” Full list of winners here.

The ceremony was remembered by many touching moments, one of which was an emotional speech Jennifer aniston (Jennifer aniston) that the scene commemorated the deceased 25 Feb 61-year-old actor and Director bill Paxton (Bill Paxton). The cause of death was complications that arose after recent surgery. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.


About actor’s death was announced hours before the start of the award. “Our dear friend bill Paxton left us yesterday. We all loved him and we will miss him,” said aniston from the stage, barely holding back tears.


Bill Paxton remembered by the audience roles in the films “Titanic”, “Terminator”, “Aliens”, “Apollo 13”.

Bill Paxton

In a commemorative speech was also mentioned deceased Carrie Fisher (Carrie Fisher), Anton Yelchin (Anton Yelchin) and Gary Shandling (Garry Shandling).

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American actress Carrie Fisher (Carrie Fisher), best known for playing Princess Leia from “Star wars,” has died at age 60 after a heart attack 27 December 2016. Carrie’s mother, 84-year-old actress Debbie Reynolds has not made a loss and died the day after her daughter’s death.

Carrie Fisher’s mother

19 June 2016 killed 27-year-old actor Anton Yelchin (Anton Yelchin). He died under strange circumstances: he got run over by a car, fallen down the hill. In just a few seconds before the death of Anton got out of the car to open the gates of the house. At this point the car was on the hills. Apparently, the car was not the Parking brake on and in neutral the jeep rolled, pushing Elicina in the fence. The investigation and independent experts claimed that the death of Elicina blame the car manufacturers.

Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin was born in Russia in 1989, the year of his birth the family moved to America. The actor’s career started in 2000. The popularity of the actor brought to the role of Pavel Chekhov in the films “StarTrek”, “StarTrek: Nemesis” and “star trek: Infinity.”

Actor, comedian, and writer Garry Shandling (Garry Shandling) died on 24 March 2016. The actor said that the cause of his death was a heart attack. The Shandling is known for roles in the television series “This show is Garry Shandling” and “Larry Sanders”.

Gary Shandling

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