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Orbakajte was in an awkward situation

Орбакайте попала в неловкую ситуациюThe incident, remaining not noticed by many, happened with two stars: Yekaterina Volkova and Kristina Orbakaite.

Actress and singer came to the opening of the skating rink families, and it turned out that their daughter Claudia and Lisa dressed this way.

Beautiful suits, in which girls dressed doting mother, was “removed from one hanger.” Interestingly, the situation could have been avoided if not for one incident. The fact that 15 minutes before the start of the event, the daughter of the star “Voronin” Lisa’s torn jacket. I had a loving husband and father Andrew Karpov quickly find another outfit for my daughter to derail Kate and Lisa visit a favorite event.

“Parking garage, slime accidentally caught the jacket on something. Thought everything was covered with our skating! But the opening of the skating rink — one of our favorite events! We love and look forward to this event every year because I love skating. And to start the next season just at the red square — a special thrill. So Lisa, of course, upset. But our Prince in the person of the Pope and her husband once again saved us, deciding all questions. In a minute we were in a fashion boutique, where you chose a cool Romper for my daughter. To me the generosity of the Andrew also supposed to get!” — said the actress.

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