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Orange is the new black: review of the film “Halloween” (2018)

After the bloody night of 31 October 1978, passed 40 years, but in Haddonfield there are still those who can not forget her. Among them – a couple of journalists, dreaming of loud material, exposing the essence of Evil in the flesh, a mad killer Michael Myers. A visit to a psychiatric clinic in an attempt to awaken in the minds of Michael’s memories turns out to be a setback for researchers, but becomes a trigger for the resumption of hunting. Soon Myers is on the loose, but there it is waiting for the survivors of the massacre and grown up and Mature and reformed Laurie Strode, ready to rebuff his “Ghost”.

What should be the ideal continuation of the cult “Halloween”? Respectfully following up with the original, or reinterpreted and complementary? Screenwriter Danny McBride and Director David Gordon green has managed to find the answer – you need to take both of these options and confidently mix them and output to one hundred percent old-school slasher and, to date, really the best sequel of the famous horror.

The main praise “Halloween”-2018 in any review is the phrase “all the same”. Yes, on the screen we meet all the same Jamie Lee Curtis, charisma which over the years has increased tenfold, the same sinking in the fallen autumn leaves Haddonfield, all the same pumpkin grin “Jack lights” and, most important, all the same silent killer. And all this, without exaggeration, the triumphant return served without unnecessary pathos, which could not resist, for example, the authors of the “Cult of Chucky”.

The sequel is most similar to the original and uses all of his best achievements, but also closes all the gaps. You was a little blood? Get the murder scenes were much more realistic and scary. You don’t have enough intrigue? And here you’ve got a pretty unexpected plot twist in the middle. You don’t have enough of a direct confrontation between Laurie and Michael? Now it is brought to perfection – both in psychologically and actually. Once helpless, “the last girl” has now become the new Sarah Connor, but her opponent hasn’t lost any of his power and indomitable desire to kill.

Yes, some plot points are insufficiently substantiated convincingly – this applies, for example, the already mentioned twist. Yes, the actions of the characters sometimes laughable naivety or irrationality – one missing out on a great chance to deal with Michael, others like themselves getting it on the knife. But even in this case, the flaws are not perceived as omission of the creators, and as a subtle parody, and at the same time, a tribute to the equally naive and pleasant horror of the 70s. to Perceive the picture in this way helps perfectly recreated the atmosphere of the original film, which feels in the manner of the shooting, and gradually but vigorously accelerates the rhythm, and authentic sound. Soundtrack by John carpenter is just something!

The new “Halloween” is the best gift that one could think of for fans of the franchise. The mood he’s as close to the original that it seems as if they shot each other and then for some reason postponed the sequel on the shelf to 40 years later to present to eager audiences. There are no harsh realism and dismemberment – this should refer to the excellent remake of Rob Zombie. But the main advantages of “Halloween”-1978 here brought to light. This is exactly what we wanted and that’s what I got – how could the return of Michael Myers become even more successful?

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