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Orange diet: lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks

Апельсиновая диета: минус 10 кг за 3 неделиNutritionists recommend to look closer to orange diet who want to eat well and to lose weight.

There are two types of orange diet – strict and lenient. Of course, to lose more pounds on a strict orange diet. Approximately, weight loss will be 6-7 kg per week. On the gentle version of this diet you will lose a week of 3-4 kg, but in three weeks you definitely should leave at least 10 pounds.

The principle of supply on a three-week strict orange diet:

– daily for three weeks to eat a kilo of oranges;

– drink at least 2 liters of water;

in the first week, to add to the diet 2 eggs a day;

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– in the second week the eggs to stop eating, and instead start to cook and eat any cereal (as much as you want), but without salt and oil;

– in the third week to connect all the seasonal fruits and vegetables + oranges;

– to move more.

Gentle orange diet and its rules:

Breakfast: an orange, sometimes you can alternate it with grapefruit, one boiled egg, Cup of coffee or green tea without sugar.

Lunch: orange or grapefruit, boiled egg, yogurt or kefir, crackers or whole-wheat toast.

Dinner: 150 g of boiled beef, tomato or cucumber, a Cup of yogurt, yogurt without additives or piece of cheese.

So you have to eat all five days of the week, but on weekends that is Saturday and Sunday, you are allowed to eat in the usual mode. The only “but” nutritionists recommend that we not gang up on high-calorie, fatty, salty foods, because the effect of the diet will deteriorate and all you will reset in 5 days, will be back here in just 2 days.

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What would you choose the orange diet, the weight loss result will not keep itself waiting. Besides, this technique diet hard to call it harmful because oranges, eggs, water, porridge, meat and fish as well as vegetables and fruits are the most healthy.

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