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Optical illusion made the shark look like a devil

Оптическая иллюзия сделала акулу похожей на дьявола An unusual perspective completely changed the perception of photography.

People from different corners of the world with a certain periodicity can see the images of the saints, for example, of Jesus Christ. Silhouettes occur sometimes on burnt toast, wet walls, etc. from time to time there are demonic forms.

Recently, underwater photographer “Calypso Star Charters”, living in Port Lincoln, captured on camera the shark from the non-standard angle. When analysis of the image proved that the body of the fish looks like a smiling devil.

Open mouth upside down like a demon smile, chest muscles – the eyes and nose, and the side fins formed horns. The photo was posted on Instagram, where it quickly became popular.

Seen is a vivid example of parabolicheskoi illusion in which we recognize familiar faces and objects in the most ordinary objects. Photographer Thomas Colbung in turn, I am sure that it is photographed – this is a sign, not just imagination.

According to him, the face of Lucifer did not just appear on the body of a great white shark is the most fierce predator of the seas and oceans. Fish can easily bite a man in half.

Оптическая иллюзия сделала акулу похожей на дьявола

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