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Opportunities Tesla Semi revealed in all its glory

Возможности Tesla Semi показали по всей красе The dynamics of the truck Tesla showed in the video.

American manufacturer electric trucks demonstrated the dynamics of his new Tesla Semi, and witnesses caught it on video.

An electric truck accelerates with such breakneck speed that probably would run laps around any diesel competitor with a simultaneous start.

Recall, Tesla unveiled its long-awaited Semi 16 November. With four electric motors – one on each wheel rear axles, and excellent aerodynamics (Cx of 0.36), Semi is able to accelerate to 96 km/h in 5 seconds, true, empty (loaded the truck performs this exercise for 20 seconds).

During the presentation, Max said that Tesla Semi not only will diesel surpass any rival for the price of shipping per mile, but will compete with rail transport.

The production of Tesla electric truck will start in 2019, orders brand began to take now.

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