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Ophthalmologists told about the main symptoms of a cataract

Офтальмологи рассказали об основных симптомах катарактыPathology has four stages.

One of the most common and serious eye diseases is cataracts. Pathology has four stages.

Tonight we reveal the features of the second form is immature, which follows initial.

Immature cataracts are called eye disease in which the crystalline lens is increased, and its tissue becomes turbid. The process of obfuscation takes place from the edges to the center and is accompanied by a gradual decline in visual acuity.

Pathology is the character of the age, and in some cases striking the visual organs of young people. At the stage of immature cataract in addition to the changes in the organs of vision symptoms you see and feel, namely: frequent migraine eyes quickly get tired and sore after working at a computer, reading or watching TV.

In addition, be examined in the ophthalmology center is if you are experiencing: failure of the gastrointestinal tract, problems with the endocrine system; raised HERE; age 45. It is important to understand that provokes immature cataracts clouding of even more of the lens than to the first stage of the disease. This leads to the formation of the third form – age-related cataract. That is why it is important to diagnose the disease and begin its treatment.

Treatment of immature cataract without operation

With medication you can stop the development of immature cataract and avoid its progression to the third stage, but completely eliminate the pathology will not work. However, in the early stages of the disease, doctors prescribe a group of drugs against: allergies, pathogens, pain.

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