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Ophthalmologists have shared their secrets of good vision

Окулисты поделились секретами хорошего зренияPrevention is better than cure.

There are ways to improve eyesight naturally without resorting to surgery! Experts have prepared for you the best tips and exercises to train the eye and to avoid damage.

Although most ophthalmologists denying that exercise can improve vision, some of them still encourage you daily to do them, especially to children and adults in the early stages of the development of myopia or hyperopia.

It is clear that to offer to wear glasses for the man who has a vision different from the norm less than one diopter, it’s more of a curse than a solution.

Of course, it is better to immediately begin to take action, yet your vision is still in very good condition.

The more we get used to the glasses or contact lenses, the harder it will be. But nothing is impossible.

The secrets of good vision

1. It is important to take care of their eyes

The first step to improve vision, of course, is to realize that our eyes need care.

And although we have the ability to look and see, we really are not aware of how we use our eyes.

Eyes accumulate the emotions and stress of our daily lives, which then cause problems with vision. However, the good news is that what was previously considered untreatable are now quite treatable.

Gradually we should pay more attention to what we do with our eyes when we are pressing, why don’t we look in certain directions, why omit the sight down, etc

2. Break from lenses and glasses

Many people daily wear glasses or contact lenses.

It would seem, is a wonderful thing to restore lost visual acuity, but it also creates a dependency, our eyes become accustomed to exert any effort.

For this reason, we tend to lose our vision, not restore it.

We invite you to abandon the use of glasses and contact lenses for several hours each day, when possible, to teach eyes to work again.

Then you can gradually increase the time.

3. Look at objects near and far

We lose the ability to see equally well near and far away, this is especially hard for those of us who live in big cities. Tall buildings block the view, can not see into the distance.

Whenever we have the opportunity, is to train these visual functions. It is useful to go to the mountains or walking on the open space, places where our view on what hits.

In every day do this simple exercise: alternately looking at objects far away and up close. This exercise is very useful for vision.

4. To fight eye strain

In many cases we’ve lost sight of the danger of excessive eye strain.

This can happen due to long hours at the computer or watching TV, and even simply because we do not realize it, but long and carefully looking at something.

In addition, this voltage can also cause frequent headaches.

In order to relax your eyes, use this technique:

RUB your hands together until they heat up.

With elbows on the table and close your eyes with your palms, but not too tightly.

Hold for a few minutes in this position, while trying to relax the muscles of the eyes and face.

After finishing this exercise, you will feel a great relief, and notice that visual acuity increased.

5. Look in different directions

You must learn not only to look close and far, but also to use all the features that give you your eyes, because, otherwise, they can atrophy.

That is, instead of having to turn my head whenever you want to watch somewhere, try first to look: up, down, both sides, and even diagonally towards the nose.

Thus, you will keep the eye muscles in shape.

6. Food

Proper and balanced diet is an important part of any treatment, as it provides us with the nutrients needed to carry out the functions of our body.

Therefore, the diet must be present:

The fruits and vegetables.
Healthy fats.
Protein of good quality.
Whole-grain products.
Nuts and seeds.

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