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Ophthalmologists called vegetables, preserving vision

Офтальмологи назвали овощи, сохраняющие зрениеScientists named products, can help to prevent loss of vision.

Eating vegetables rich in dietary nitrates, for example, green salad and beetroot may reduce the risk of vision loss.

To such conclusion the experiments came the experts with a stay at the Institute for medical research.

As the researchers note, macular degeneration (AMD) -age-related disease, which worsens visual acuity due to the withering away of blood vessels that feed the retina of the eye. In almost 50% of cases it is the cause of vision loss in people over 55 years.

In the experiment, which lasted 15 years, involved two thousand volunteers older than 49 years. The first group was asked to get food from 100 to 142 mg of nitrate of vegetables per day (the dose is greater than 142 milligrams, according to experts, not be of any use), the second – less than 69 mg. the study revealed that the subjects in the first group the risk of macular degeneration (macular degeneration) is 35% lower than those who consumed less than 69 mg.

According to scientists, if our results are confirmed, the use of a number of foods rich in dietary nitrates can be a simple strategy to reduce the risk of vision loss.

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