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Ophthalmologists called the main causes of conjunctivitis

Офтальмологи назвали основные причины возникновения конъюнктивитаWhat is conjunctivitis and why it occurs.

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye (conjunctiva). This is a fairly common disease, it occurs in people of any age.

This writes ophthalmologist Yulia Prokopyeva in Instagram.

Conjunctivitis may be primary and secondary; acute and chronic.

The main causes of conjunctivitis:
1. Infectious:

bacterial conjunctivitis;
It is more common in children. The main symptoms – profuse purulent discharge is yellow or green. The doctor advises to ensure hand hygiene and drops antibiotic drops.

This type of inflammation occurs in adults. Selection light or completely absent. You may also experience tearing, photophobia and decreased vision. First, there is inflammation in one eye, and in a day or two on the other. Viral conjunctivitis occurs in the background of SARS.

The doctor advises with faster access to optometrist. Treat this type of inflammation of cold compresses, wetting drops.

2. Non-infectious:

In allergic conjunctivitis red two eyes. Symptoms – swelling of the eyelids, accompanied by a watery discharge and severe itching. For the treatment used local and systemic antihistamines, combination drugs. You also need to avoid contact with the allergen.

toxic (medication);
autoimmune (Stevens Johnson syndrome).

Also, conjunctivitis caused due to trauma, contact lens wear, foreign body, abnormal growth of eyelashes, and the like.

To cure conjunctivitis, it is necessary to establish the cause. For this you need to consult an ophthalmologist.

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