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Open the secret of quality remembering information

Открыт секрет качественного запоминания информации Memory is influenced by the details of pronunciation.

As it turned out, the information obtained from one conversation, could long be remembered. Other – just flies out of my head.

Scientists believe that memory directly affects the purity of the pronunciation. To such conclusion came researchers working in located in Austin the University of Texas.

Experts have suggested that how to remember material that is taught, is affected by speech rate and its purity.

To test the hypothesis, were attracted 60 people who speak English. Half of them were native speakers.

Then they were read 72 sentences. They were divided into six blocks of 12 V each. We used first “pure language” at a slow pace, and then “spoken”, not as focused and faster. In the end, the proposals needed to play by heart.

And native speakers, and foreigners showed that the more memorable sentences spoken slowly and phonetically “pure”. Scientists explain it this way. With the rapid pronunciation or unclear articulation of thoughts, the listener spends far more resources of the brain in order to understand what was said.

Therefore, the more effort is spent on understanding, the fewer resources left in order to memorize the material.

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