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Onyx Boox Prometheus 2: e-book professional level

Relatively recently we tested the e-book Onyx Boox Prometheus, and recently went on sale in the second of its generation with the logical name of Onyx Boox Prometheus 2. The concept of the reader has remained the same – it’s still a book with great bonus screen for working with documents and charts, formulas, scans of Newspapers and magazines and so on.

All the changes lie inside books and affect the hardware – the screen generation Pearl in previous versions was replaced with more modern Carta. Also, the developers worked on the design of the packaging and brought her to the new style, which, judging by the other models, implemented on an ongoing basis.

Special positioning of the second “Prometheus” is not: we cannot say that it is suitable only for professionals, or that his destiny is only journalism and pulp fiction in electronic form. The reader itself is optimally tailored to all types and genres of text, and now look how good he is and comfortable in daily use.



Box Onyx Boox Prometheus 2 in made in a completely white color, without a hint of the other colors, except, of course, black. Packaging made of cardboard and has magnetic locks strong enough to prevent accidental opening.

On top of the lid you can only see the book title and her company logo, and all of this is embossed, iridescent under different angles. The lower part of the box contains a particularly useful information is the key specifications of the device stored inside the list key competitive advantages, a General description of the reader and information about the manufacturer. Even a place for the renderer front panel remains, but its dimensions do not allow to estimate the appearance of “Prometheus”.

Thus, if you buy a book in an offline store, then to study its design will need to access the Internet or the seller-consultant, which is not very convenient. The information content of the package on top, but only in specs, additional images of the reader it is still lacking.



The book Onyx Boox Prometheus 2 is quite expensive, given the current state of the national economy – the average price for Yandex.The market is 24,000 rubles, or about 400 us dollars. It is obvious that for such money in a box just has to be something in addition to the standard accessories, and so it is, “Prometheus” is supplemented with a proprietary case-cover from very high quality materials. We’ll review separately.

Also along with the book the buyer gets charger at 1 amp data cable to connect to a charger or computer and the manual together with the warranty card. Not enough, perhaps, stands for the location of the books on the table with a certain angle, but similar accessories can not boast of any single reader of this price segment.

The book, by the way, extremely good. It consists of a small number of pages, but contains the most useful information for those who are not previously experienced with devices for reading.



The potential buyer does not need to look for specifications book Onyx Boox Prometheus 2 are available on the official website, on the box, the instructions and at the same time in Yandex.Market. Information in all sources is the same, so there can be no doubt of its relevance.

screen: E-ink Carta, touchscreen, 16 shades of grey, 9.7 inch, 1200х825 pixels;

– backlight: Yes, Moon Light;

– CPU: Freescale 1GHz;

– memory: 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB ROM, microSD up to 32GB;

– interfaces: microSD, microUSB 2.0;
– wireless interfaces: Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11 ac WI-FI;

– operating system: Google Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich;

– battery: built-in, 3000 mAh;

– work with the formats: TXT, HTML, RTF, FB2,, DOC, DOCX, PRC, MOBI, CHM, PDB, DOC, EPUB, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PDF, DjVu;

– housing: metal, black;

– dimensions: 258х177х10 millimeters;

– weight: 450 grams.


These characteristics indicate us that this is almost a full-fledged Android tablet that lacks, perhaps, the color of the screen. The book allows you to surf the Internet, download apps from Google Play and even to send and receive documents from other devices via Bluetooth, without the need to use a wired connection and the computer as a mediator.



Due to the large screen (about 10 inches) of the reader Onyx Boox Prometheus 2 itself is also rather big, but the frame around the screen is relatively small, plus black color housing visually conceals the size. The book has a very minimalistic design so that nothing distracts from the reading process: on the front panel there is only a small set of buttons for navigation and the Onyx logo, while the rear presents the only technical information for the user irrelevant.

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Mentioned buttons to navigate menu and interface applications in particular, Oreader for reading books. Buttons are great to the touch and located at a sufficient distance from each other so as not to miss them.

As mentioned above, behind the Onyx Boox Prometheus 2 there is nothing, as well as on the top, right and left ends of the shell, while on the bottom there is a microSD slot, a microUSB 2.0 input and two buttons – enable and the recessed Reset button for quick reboot.

The front panel has a coating of soft rough plastic to the touch rubberized, and quickly collects fingerprints, which are then very difficult to remove. The rear panel also cast their metal with a matte surface almost never gets dirty and her prints are erased without much difficulty.


Ergonomics, build quality

The feelings book Onyx Boox Prometheus 2 weighs less than the stated 450 grams, at least, both hands to hold it long enough with no signs of fatigue in the hands, wrists and forearms. Buttons fall under the thumb of the right hand and have the tactile feel and nice tactile response. Located below the entrance microUSВ does not interfere with the process of reading, when the book is charged, and the frame on each side of the screen eliminate accidental touch thumbs.

One hand to hold the reader is not so convenient – in this mode, it is still a bit heavy, but on the other hand, in this case, you can use the touch screen for navigating books and documents.

Overall ergonomics are well thought out, and it seems that it is thinner than the claimed 10 mm: tactile book no thicker than a modern 8-millimeter smartphone. To build quality claims have arisen: like all the previously tested books from Onyx, the second “Prometheus” gives the impression of a monolith without making a single sound while working and not responding to test, torsion and bending.



Complete cover for Onyx Boox Prometheus 2 is designed for maximum protection of books and, unlike “bumpers”, closes not only a rear panel but also the panel front, and completely. Without the protection remains only the lower end interfaces that are made to facilitate access to them.

The book is secured in the case by means of special corners, inside covered with soft material to prevent abrasion at the corners of the housing. This material covers the entire inner plane of the cover, but it attracts dust and pet hair. The outside of the case is upholstered in leatherette with mahogany and endowed with stitching in color. The top is also embossed with the model name of the book and logo.

Top cover has built in magnets for a more secure attachment in the closed state. This simplifies the process of carrying books, because you don’t need to be afraid of accidental opening of the cover, the magnets trigger the Hall sensor inside the reader, starting the sleep mode to conserve battery. Opening the cover automatically “wakes up” book.



Display Onyx Boox Prometheus 2 presents panel E-Ink generation Сarta is the screen on electronic ink. This technology has a number of features: screens of this kind does not fade in the sun, consume a minimum of energy and do not contain harmful to eyes with prolonged reading.

In the second “Prometheus” the screen is very large, 9.7 inch, and thus do not need to reduce the scale of the text for more information on one page. This contributes to high resolution, and it even formula read without difficulty (the photo is perfectly clear). In the sun it really does not fade, remaining at 100% readable. In addition, the text is clearly visible even at 178-degree viewing angles.

The sensor layer responds to the touch without delay and perfectly recognizes two simultaneous touch is a need to quickly increase or decrease the scale of text and images. The screen contrast is great: even with the backlight off the text is visible, and the background is almost white – it is a merit panel Carta, the most up-to-date.



In “Prometheus” uses proprietary backlight Moon Light, as all the books of Onyx with this option. Flashes from LEDs in our instance was detected, as well as shadows from the LEDs, the screen is filled with a milky-white light evenly.

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The range of brightness is very wide, plus a possible complete shutdown. Itself the brightness is sufficient for comfortable reading, and the excess it is impossible to name even 100% eyes are not tired.

In our case, the best option for long-term reading is the brightness at the level of 40-60% with the artificial lighting overhead. The sun illumination is not needed due to the lack of screen fading in direct sunlight.



The book Onyx Boox Prometheus 2 runs on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich with a unique interface, designed for the job in the first place with books. In the presence of a convenient virtual library, file Manager and even a separate app for reading statistics is useful, for example, to control the reading child school program was given in the summer.

In a basic set of programs includes an email client, calendar, dictionary, notes and browser for the Internet, moreover, has access to the Google Play app store. Staff AT reading is a standard for Onyx Oreader program that recognizes the most modern formats, including zip archives, and sharpened by the screens based on electronic ink. Note also that this utility has the ability to reassign the buttons to the right of the display – given a choice of five different options.

In contrast to the more compact books, Onyx Boox Prometheus 2 tolerably well opens a web page: news sites and other resources where the amount of text exceeds the number of images, the screen reader view is very easy and fun. Capabilities preset browser for this lack of interest.



From the Onyx Boox firmware Prometheus 2 cut out all unnecessary – there is only the main application, and no more, which in itself has a positive effect on overall performance. Also plays a big role 1 GB of RAM, whereas the majority of readers, the set only 512 MB.

The book downloaded very quickly – in less than a minute she is ready to work even after the first run, out of the box. Working with files in a matter of seconds – at the opening of regular books device requires a couple of moments, not more, and more serious documents takes only a few seconds more.

Test with a PDF document of 512 MB has shown that such a file amount of new “Prometheus” is able to process on average half a minute, including uploading all sewn of images, graphs, and formulas. In General, the performance of the Onyx Boox Prometheus 2 above most ebooks, sold in Russia.


Work offline

The book Onyx Boox Prometheus 2 has an internal battery capacity of 3000 mAh, which, combined with a very economical screen E-ink Carta gives a great autonomy. The official specs of the duration of the battery not shown, so this time we’ll skip the comparisons. The test was conducted in several modes with varying degrees of brightness and even without it.

– without backlight: 26000 pages;

– illuminated 25%: 18000 pages;

– backlight 50%: 14000 pages;

– 100% backlight: 9000 pages.

1 page – amount of text displayed on the screen at one time. The test was conducted in Oreader with screen refresh each 5 pages, without prior calibration of the battery. The recovery of energy from the regular charger the book takes about 4-5 hours.



E-book Onyx Boox Prometheus 2 – is the choice of those who want not only comfort to read on the big screen, umeschayas on it max text at a time, but to have the opportunity to work with various documents. The book is good its excellent autonomy, and it is quite possible to take with you anywhere even for a few days without the charger, even heavy use during this period will not drain your battery.

In the process of testing the reader was not striking faults: the model is very well balanced and crafted, and you can pay attention to only two minuses, which are not even to the book itself, and to its positioning in the market. Otherwise, the gadget is definitely recommended for purchase: this is a great professional reader, which is suitable for everyday use.


Pros Onyx Boox Prometheus 2:

– large screen with backlight;

– Android with access to Google Play;

– great battery life;

– durable metal casing;

– complete cover;

– increased productivity.


Cons Onyx Boox Prometheus 2:

– insufficient package.

– inflated price.

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