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ONYX BOOX Caesar – accessible reader with screen backlight

The company ONYX has introduced in Russia a new e-book BOOX Caesar. Judging by its value (6800 rubles at “Yandex.Market”), it refers to the budget segment, like all readers, with a price tag around $100. However, despite this, she has a number of features not found in most of her “classmates”, in particular, the backlight of the screen.

ONYX BOOX Caesar is available only in black color of their plastic casing, and faces the challenge to restore Russia’s status as the most reading country in the world. After all, why we stopped reading? Because books are more expensive bottle of intoxicating drink (even very good), and in conditions of economic crisis, few people will buy them.

So how does ONYX BOOX Caesar will be able to attract the population’s attention to the books? Very simple: 6800 rubles – a one-time fee, and books propagating through the Network on a completely free basis, thousands. It turns out that the reader is extremely profitable acquisition. The only question is whether this instance of their money. We’ll find out.



The book ONYX BOOX Caesar comes in a rather large box of cardboard. Despite the budget nature of the contained gadget packaging has magnetic locks and even good graphics with a portrait of Caesar, in whose honor and named the device for reading. Just below is a short biography of this great man, that is, the reader begins to enlighten us even before the moment of inclusion. It pleases.

Turn over the package and find a list of the specifications of the device – not complete but quite sufficient for the average user. Next there is a tiny image of the book on which to judge its design is possible only in one case, armed with a magnifying glass. But the greater part of the bottom of the box took the artistic depiction of all the virtues of the reader. Total for the informational content – the “Quartet”.



Despite the large size of the box, nothing downright interesting in it. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has to skimp on everything in order in terms of stability of the Russian economy to keep the cost of the ONYX BOOX Caesar at a relatively low level.

Savings from bundling books disappeared utility such as charger and cover. It’s all always possible to buy at the company store. Total, the book only comes with data cable, warranty card and manual. In fairness, we note that the statement covers all key aspects of the use of the device.



Specifications ONYX BOOX Caesar almost everything is clear even before getting acquainted with the relevant list of platform-one that, like all other 6-inch “Onyx”. Nothing radically new in this model, though its positive features yet available.

To the reader, the buyer may by examining the web website of the manufacturer, the box and the instruction manual. Contained in these sources are identical and do not contradict each other.

screen: 6 inch, E Ink Carta, 1024х758 pixels, contrast ratio of 14:1;

– processor: 2 cores, 1 GHz;

– screen light: MOON Light, adjustable brightness;

– memory: 512 MB of RAM, 8 GB ROM, microSD up to 32GB;

– working with files: TXT, HTML, RTF, FB2,, MOBI, CHM, PDB, DOC, DOCX, PRC, EPUB, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PDF, and DjVu.

– battery: Li-ion, 3000 mAh;

– interfaces: microSD, microUSB 2.0;

– OS Google Android 4.2;

– dimensions: 170х117х9 millimeters;

– weight: 182 grams;

– colour: black.


Here it is possible to note the presence of the backlight, but the display while the non-touch. The CPU has two cores (it is written on the box but on the website there is no information). Unlike most books in this price range is the choice of the matrix is the modern generation of E Ink Carta, while other state employees are most often satisfied with the previous revision, called Pearl.



The exterior of the book ONYX BOOX Caesar can safely be called traditional – he’s exactly the same as a dozen readers ONYX, is released for the last two or three years. But why? In our opinion, because the design is precise and very well established both from the point of view that visual, and from the point of view of ergonomics. But if something works and if something works well and better counterparts, then why change it?

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The body of the book plastic and very thin – the thickness is clearly smaller than 9 millimeters. The weight is not felt absolutely, and the device can be held with one hand, the more it is non-touch, no need to touch the screen with your finger. The coating plastic is soft touch, feels like a rough rubber, and it is very durable. By cons can be attributed to his love of fingerprints, mostly on the front panel – rear part of the body, though covered with the same material, but gets dirty somehow, not so much. Fingerprints are removed with a dry microfiber cloth easily.

Since the ONYX BOOX does not sensor buttons he compared to the touch models a bit more. On either side of the screen is still one key page turning, but underneath the manufacturer has placed five-way navigation button, such as comfortable, early Nokia smartphones. However, this is in the next section.

Behind the body of the book contains only a logo and technical information, on top of it there is a button that you can copy and reset button, recessed into the housing to prevent inadvertent pressing. Full range of interfaces displayed on the bottom face of the device is the microSD slot and microUSB port 2.0. The latter serves both for charging and for PC sync. In the latter case, the book is defined as a regular USB flash drive, so that problems with the pumping in her memory files does not occur in the presence of a modern OS on computer (Windows XP).



From the point of view of convenience of management the book ONYX BOOX Caesar does not cause problems. Page flipping can how to use side buttons, or by using the navigation keys, to choose from. The first fairly large and well located to the touch, plus the thumbs immediately fall on them, if you hold the reader with two hands.

The navigation button is, of course, smaller in size, but it is also quite easy to press. It is moderately elastic, and each press is accompanied by a well-noticeable tactile feedback. By coating the book does not slip out of your hands regardless of strength grip. Overall build quality is very high – no squeaks, no backlash, no dangling elements of design gives the impression of a monolithic and reliable.



Actually, the screen is the main part of the ONYX BOOX Caesar, its main weapon against the competition. Panel generation Carta allows to achieve a contrast ratio of 14:1, now it’s almost completely white background and black letters on it. Of course, the shade of gray (probably one of those 50) is still present, but comfortable reading it does not interfere.

Display high resolution 6 inch, which means the ability to adjust the size of fonts in a very wide range and not to worry about the blur and dimness of the drawing – there is nothing like that. The update, as it should be “the Map” occurs at the moment.

Backlight MOON Light, despite the low price, there is, and its quality is very decent. As usual, it is based on located at the bottom of the white LEDs, which theoretically may cause an overflow (still safer to place them around the perimeter of the screen), but no, here, all is well. Fill screen is flat, no shadows, and brightness is more than enough.

To read ONYX BOOX Caesar you can even in complete darkness, but the maximum brightness exhibit is not necessary – a sufficient comfort level is achieved 50%. Everything above is already a redundancy, and the screen becomes bluish-white, which is not the best way affects the vision. In the sun light and do not need, and in artificial light it will be useful to only 20% to make the background of the screen the contrast with white.

It is clear that in sunlight the screen of the book did not fade. By the way, the fact that he does not touch, will save you from having to wipe it and that’s good, because the E Ink panel is very sensitive to mechanical stress.

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Summarizing on the display, note that he is good, damn good. Negative aspects associated with it have been identified, especially given the high cost of the entire reader as a whole.



ONYX BOOX Caesar comes with the operating system Google Android version 4.2 that has a proprietary interface with quick access to recently loaded books and the handy search on the virtual library. Abnormal FOR here at least, and this is the case when the useless programs in the kit at all.

The book is missing the Wi-Fi module, because the firmware there is no access to Google Play, but there is always the possibility of installing the desired applications manually. Let’s not forget about the absence and the touch screen, as well as the presence of the two programs to work with books. It is a standard dictionary in Russian and English languages to explain the meaning of unknown words and, of course, the program for reading books – OReader.

OReader is as simple to use program that works with both touch and regular screens. It active all the buttons present in the reader, and the joystick allows you to easily change the font size. In the settings you can always set any button the desired action, so the book is very good, namely.

But the dictionary is useless here due to the lack of a touchscreen – though it contains definitions of thousands of words, but to look for need have by a long set on a virtual QWERTY with a joystick. However, the software allows you to select the desired word to be translated directly in the text of the book or document.



The staff AT the ONYX BOOX Caesar works with all modern formats of books and 2-core processor clicks even a 1000 page FB2 as nuts. DOC and TXT also open in flight, but if you want to work with more difficult documents, there will have to wait: DJVU and PDF the unloved is a book. The files open, but it takes time – a document with a weight under 400 MB filled with figures, text, and formulas loaded within minutes.

On the other hand, 6 inches to work with serious documentation is not enough, because in this case it is only an extra feature and nothing more. Its main task reader copes just fine, recognizing books even in the ZIP archives.


Work offline

ONYX BOOX Caesar showed himself as a very tenacious reader display e-ink consumes minimum energy, and the backlight is bright enough, allowing her to work one-third of its capacity and also to save battery power. In this model, the battery capacity is 3000 mAh, but the manufacturer has not indicated how long it usually enough. Will figure it out on their own.

– without backlight: 25000 pages;

illumination 10%: 20000 pages;

illumination 25%: 17000 pages;

– backlight 50%: 14000 pages;

– backlight 100%: 10000 pages.


Unit dimensions – 1 page or 1 screen refresh. Do not confuse it with the pages of the book. The time of replenishment charge complete memory is, on average, 4 hours. From the USB port of the computer to charge is also possible, but the time will increase at least twice.



ONYX BOOX Caesar was very balanced reader from the budget segment. Its strengths – it really is efficiently implemented lighting and good bundled software without additional unnecessary applications. Executed in black color, it looks very compact, but very comfortable when reading – 6 inches is enough, and contrast panel Carta greatly improves the readability of text.

Someone may not like the lack of touchscreen, but it’s a matter of taste. The joystick under the display is replaced the touchscreen, plus there is the ability to be configured both in the book and app.


Pros ONYX BOOX Caesar

– modern bar Carta;

– capacious battery;

– screen backlight;

– ergonomic design.


Cons ONYX BOOX Caesar

– slowness in working with heavy files.

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