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Onset of 2019 will be difficult for the American and European stock markets

Наступивший 2019 год будет тяжелым для американского и европейского фондовых рынков

The beginning of the year will be problematic for stock markets in the United States. Yet, on the American trading platforms were established volatility. Due to deteriorating relations between China and the United States suffered the IT industry, along with the oil and gas industry. Seriously depreciated and Bank securities due to the revision of the forecasts in the market for a possible rate increase by the fed.

In December 2018, greatly reduced the market capitalization of the U.S. market. You need to also take into account the fact that the main risk for us stocks is zamorozhenye international economy. Proof of this can serve as a General index of business activity in the US, China and the Eurozone. The results of the midterm elections in the us Congress in November 2018, is seriously weaker forecasts for future fiscal support in the state. It is reported that the peak achievements of growth of the US economy were seen in 2 and 3 quarters of last year.

In the Eurozone GDP for the 3rd quarter of last year rose 0.2%. While this is the lowest increase since the 2nd quarter of 2014. Germany’s economy fell in turn by 0.2%. Major financial center of the EU, Italy will face fines for exceeding the limits on the budget deficit. Maybe even disable it from the financial programmes of the European Union. The authorities in the final version of the budget for the current year, assumed a deficit of 2% of GDP. The difficulties the EU is not only linked to Italy.

The unstable situation in France forced the President of Emmanuel Macron is to unveil a set of measures for fiscal stimulation in the labour market. Experts predict that this year France may go beyond the standard limit the budget deficit to the European Union of 3% of GDP. An important economic factor for the current year may be easing the risk of a trade war. The key will be the relationship and negotiations between the U.S. and China during which could be resolved a lot of difficulties, together with the intellectual property issues.

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