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Only live started — the collective farm has collapsed

Только жить начали — колхоз развалился

In Slonim district there are a few farms that have been in a difficult situation: debt, delayed wages, outdated machinery and very large crops and yields. Such agricultural enterprises in the region decided to take “the recovery” (in the framework of the decree No. 253), but is complicated. Among the losers were once large and strong economy — CSEA “vasilevichy”. A few years ago news about the economy was worse than the other one: the machine in the winter we sit without light and heat, the salary for September was paid in November, you need to start seeding equipment no. Now the economy and is auctioned. 5 Mar was to host the first auction, but buyers have not yet been found. Perhaps the cost of 7.5 million rubles scared away potential investors. And the agricultural town of vasilevichy, meanwhile, lives in anticipation of change.

Только жить начали — колхоз развалился

Vasilievičy, of course, do not look a dying village: good roads, few empty houses, a school, a kindergarten and community center, convenience store, FAP, and paragraph domestic service, which, however, is in the nearby riverlands, but if not sign and not notice that it is another town.

Vasilevicha they say that looking good is simple: a village near Slonim, and some people goes there to work, so the local population is not very tied to the economy.

Even children to carry to school. We here in the Belarusian language teaching. Children are then difficult to do or learn in schools that teach in Russian. Here and taken to the Slonim. And if not city, then I don’t know how would live, — says a resident of the village of Porech’e , Lydia. She spent 30 years as the farm Manager. Now retired. Recalls that once a farm has been working since 1951! — was the “fat” times: the farm was a “millionaire” (had profit and more than a million Soviet rubles a year. — Approx. TUT.BY), bought the equipment, started to bring in specialists.

Только жить начали — колхоз развалился

— Life, you know, in the rural areas has always been difficult. How to start work from five in the morning on the field until midnight. In the spring, summer and autumn. Every day. Sometimes the output was not. Previously, we and flax were grown, and the beets, and over there, you see, the swamp — so there were fields, now all overgrown. Only began to live normally, so the collective farm has collapsed, says Lydia.

The woman says that agricultural enterprises played a cruel joke is exactly what agro — near Slonim. For local it is certainly a saving, but for the economy — on the contrary: people on modest salaries and heavy enough jobs are hard to find.

— It turns out that the earth can handle no one. Yes, and we have more and more retirees live. There are, of course, and young people. She tied housing — to the collective farm houses. While working on the farm, have a place to live. Here are. But again the wages are low and jobs nowhere. And many of the houses we like giving already — come city for the summer, says Lydia.

And still about the problems of their local economy say reluctantly. Notice that the most difficult times — when wages were detained, and what was received, not even enough for a few trips to the store — have somehow survived. Please be sure to write in vasilevichy and neighboring Poreche people live kind, good and, despite the difficulties, optimistic. Spinning as best they can: contain farms and try to stay positive.

Только жить начали — колхоз развалился

And, of course, discussing what they farm want to buy the Slovak businessmen. Foreigners recently arrived in the agricultural town.

— Went, watched, evaluated all here. But who else will work on the farm? Not enough tractor drivers, milkmaids, livestock. Into several sections — one specialist, and so it should not be. The load is enormous. And wages, though, and got better, but still small. Can and 200 rubles to get. Sometimes, though, milkmaids and we have to get thousands, but imagine how much work? says one of the workers of the economy.

Только жить начали — колхоз развалился

Slovak businessmen, and really expressed a desire to purchase a bankrupt economy in vasilevichy, and other insolvent agricultural area. All of them on Clonkdine seven: in the stage of reorganization, in addition to “Vasilevicha”, “Winner”, “Drewnowski”, JSC “Poultry plant Slonimskaya”, “Druzhba-agro”. In liquidation — “Novodevjatkovichy”.

About Slonim district in February of this year, the Board of State property Committee said the first Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Steep. Supposedly, the regional authorities first wanted to conclude an investment contract — and then decided to hold an auction, and began.

— I personally met with the European investor, said Cool. — History lasts for 7 months — and patience runs out. It signals to the National Agency of investment and privatization.

In Slonim centre in bankruptcy and crisis management, which temporarily controls the insolvent organizations say that they act according to the decree of President “On measures on financial recovery of agricultural organizations.” Supposedly, the auction enterprise has been exhibited and will be issued to all potential investors had the opportunity to buy them.

Только жить начали — колхоз развалился

However, for example, for CSEA “vasilevichy” buyers on March 5, was not found.
On the first auction, the farm was put up for 7.5 million rubles. Experts say that this market price management, assessment held in the Institute of real estate. Further, the price law may be reduced a maximum of 80%.

It is possible that the Slovaks just waiting for a acceptable cost. Because the conditions of the auction to the buyer economy impose certain restrictions.

For example, in vasilevichy will need to create at least 100 jobs. Or rather — they save: with the reorganization of the enterprise, the new owner cannot lay off workers within three years, will operate the former collective agreement. Also the buyer until 2023 will need to invest in the development of the economy at least a million dollars.

If the buyer is not there — the company will continue measures to improve the health in the framework of the decree No. 399. But it is long and difficult.

— Oh, nyama durako. Camu W Genya Waseleski patrebny — grandmother, having heard from us that the village can come wealthy investors, very surprised — and a few minutes I expressed my skeptical thoughts about it, but then still came to the conclusion that the land near the villages is good, and if it will work like new, then maybe something will happen.

In the old says, as it is impossible.

— You are our mehdvor butyl? Eighth. Nyama ncage there. Ni-Cho-ha. truncated at the kalenkov pridumaesh, Yak adamantane more Yak Viasna Pigozzi.

Только жить начали — колхоз развалился

In February 2017 Slonim centre in bankruptcy and crisis management began the proceedings on economic insolvency CSEA “vasilevichy”. In July of the same year, the Economic court of Hrodna region declared agricultural enterprise insolvent and has determined that it needs rehabilitation.

At the time, “Vasilevicha” was 13 million roubles of debts. According to the calculations, all their financial obligations to suppliers the company will be able to repay only to 2023-2024 years.

According to the Director of the Slonim centre in bankruptcy and crisis management and interim Manager of economy Vitaly Slaughter, now the company has a positive trend and wages on time issued, and the work is. The farm operates with a positive operating result, but in order to become consistently profitable, the numbers must be many times more.

Только жить начали — колхоз развалился

— Specialization in agriculture — dairy. Grow corn, canola. Livestock is milk and meat production. Whole earth farms — nearly four thousand hectares a Few years the economy was bad, and to bring it in plus, you need to put a lot of effort and Finance. However, we can only rely on their own strength: that have earned themselves, and can spend. Loans us, unfortunately, is not available, — said Vitaly Sec.

All of us organized and reorganized — and that’s what came, says one of the local residents — and remember that in 2013, the farm has a new grain drying complex, and then updated the farm in the village of Nodevice. And that’s it. That’s all died down — I was blown away.

Wages, he says, has fallen completely. There was a time the code had been only 20 rubles a month. And still recalls how they had to work with flashlights and bask near the stove: because of the debt mekhdvor, control room and other auxiliary facilities were left without electricity and heating.

Только жить начали — колхоз развалился

Even manually had documents to fill out: the computers were not working. Light left then just farm the cows need to milked. Then everything seems to be normal, but I was already gone from the farm, — says one of the local residents. — Just then came the crisis Manager, and our debts have frozen in time. Has become easier. But it is still should be given. It turns out that the economy only works for “maintenance of trousers”.

Только жить начали — колхоз развалился

Vitaly Sec. Photo: Katerina Gordeeva, TUT.BY

This is also evidenced by Vitaly Sec.

— Last year we for the first time in the district has fulfilled all reported prognostic indicators. For example, “vasilevichy” reached 129 per cent of revenues last year. It seems to be a large number, but below the company began to earn, it needs to be more time in the 300. You understand that, when opened bankruptcy proceedings, the value of all assets “Vasilevicha” was 8.9 million rubles. A debt by 13 million In three years, such money will not earn. It turns out that we went to work that allows you to live simply. However, for two years we pay wages on time — and it takes everything that we earn. If in 2016 the average monthly salary in the enterprise was 271 ruble, now — about 500. But still it is not the figures that people deserve and should earn.

Только жить начали — колхоз развалился

— Why is it that a strong economy suddenly went bankrupt?

— It happened, of course, not for a year or two. First, weather conditions. Secondly, the frequent change of leadership. For example, we have calculated that the farm “Novodevjatkovichy” since 1996 has been replaced more than 20 leaders. Thirdly, the lack of staff. For a good operation of the enterprise must be three “K” — frames, feed and cows. If something falls, it pulls everything else along. One year was a bad job, in another year — not in the third — cows have nothing to feed, then equipment not bought a new one. One after another — that was 13 million in debt.

— I think, if the investor will come, everything will change?

— We have one interested large investor from Slovakia. This is people who at home engaged in agriculture, they understand the specifics and know what to do. They can bring in new technology and new experience, and most importantly — money and investments, — said Vitaly Sec.

Только жить начали — колхоз развалился

Investors are waiting to see if the villagers? Rather, the future changes are wary.

— People are afraid of losing their jobs — and suddenly there will be robots and we are in the economy will become unnecessary? We are humble people, with us the arrival of business none discussed. But this conversation for two years, probably, and nothing happens. So let’s wait and see what will happen.
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