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Only ductile iron: the Europeans have made their choice

Только ВЧШГ: Европейцы свой выбор сделали

Among the fans of the production of high-strength cast iron with nodular graphite can be attributed to engineers from the US, China and Europe.


The popularity of pipes made of ductile iron due to unique performance characteristics. They are achieved thanks to the special composition of the material. To achieve the same results can neither pipes made of concrete or pipe made of polymers.

By itself, the cast iron is rather brittle material. It was his only drawback. Other characteristics: high strength, resistance to corrosion, ductility and toughness made it ideal for application in the field of construction of engineering communications. Due to further developments in this area, metallurgists was the testing of a new composition. Instead of carbon, which is present in cast iron in the form of plates facilitates the delamination and cracking, used spherical graphite. This classic grey iron decided to heat to extremely high temperatures, as well as add to the composition of magnesium and cerium additives. The result of this treatment, the plate was transformed into graphite balls, and get high-strength cast iron with spherical graphite. This modification has the additional advantages in use. Cast iron has become in its characteristics to resemble steel.

Только ВЧШГ: Европейцы свой выбор сделалиThe use of pipes of ductile cast iron with nodular graphite is due to the convenience and economic feasibility. The material has a number of advantages, important for the energy industry. First, the pipe of ductile iron is very economical. They do not require in excess of budgets for regular maintenance. In addition, they are very reliable, reduces risk to the repair or replacement of individual elements to a minimum. Tubes of ductile iron can be used in regions with a difficult climate, for example in the Arctic. The first pipe from spheroidal graphite cast irons were laid in Severomorsk. In the far North cause the initial stage of structural failure of the culverts are often defects in the area of the welds. Cast the same construction of the tube of ductile iron has welded joints. In addition, it obviously has no pockets internal stresses. The ability to perform emergency repairs without welding allows to significantly reduce time emergencies, which is in a polar vitally important factor, and at the same time, a significant reduce the cost of such works and the General maintenance costs of pipelines. The second advantage of pipes made of ductile iron – this is a huge lifespan. Only the warranty period is up to 80-100 years. Also these pipes are easy to install. Not require complex training trenches can be laid directly on the ground. Little susceptible to deformation and damage from the outside. Up to five times more resistant to corrosion compared with steel pipes. These unique pipes are suitable for transporting potable water. It should be noted that on the inner surface of the pipe does not build up and deposits. In addition, ductile iron pipe possess high noise-reducing properties. They almost completely absorb the noises, which eliminates the additional noise insulation materials in the design and construction of the pipeline.

Только ВЧШГ: Европейцы свой выбор сделалиIn our country the production of ductile iron produces Lipetsk pipe company “Svobodny Sokol”.Ductile iron pipe of this oldest Russian enterprise meet all international standards for tubular products have international quality certificates of the authoritative certification bodies and now exported to 19 countries. These pipes are well known in Europe, where they successfully win tenders, passing strict quality control and consumer safety for production of drinking water. Lipetsk pipe also actively exported to Austria, Germany, England, Italy and other countries, despite the fact that there are large-scale producers of similar tubular products.

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