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Online called secret “chips” Volkswagen Golf

В Сети назвали секретные «фишки» Volkswagen GolfThe most interesting functions, which You didn’t know.

Automakers like to add in a new model of “chips”, which become known only after reading the instruction manual.

Due to the fact that I read him rarely, and has compiled a list of the most interesting secret features of the Volkswagen Golf.

In the trunk of “Golf” is two light sources on each side. One of them – the one on the left – you can pull out of the mounts and use as a flashlight, and a softer yellow light will change to bright white.

In the lower left of the front panel there is a small mini-glove box that fits a smartphone, or some trivia, and under the front passenger seat has a pull-out niche – perfect for a first aid kit or fire extinguisher.

The camera external view of the display can display an image of the car top or even switch on the side of the camera in order to observe the side of the car.

Heated steering wheel in the Volkswagen Golf is activated using the same button as the heated driver’s seat, but you can disable them separately – for this you need to disable this feature on a touch-screen multimedia system.

As for the audio system: by increasing the speed of the car increases the volume of the radio, which also can be adjusted in the settings, so the volume was always at the same level. And holding the “Menu” button on a standard tape recorder, you can display service information, firmware version.

Ignition on, you can press the reset button the mileage that will allow to know the number of kilometers remaining before next scheduled maintenance.

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