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OnePlus will release an update firmware OnePlus 5

Company OnePlus has finally responded to numerous complaints from owners of its latest smartphone OnePlus 5 caught zabagovan. One of the recent issues identified in it is kind of “jelly” screen, which is manifested in the form of shaking of the image during scrolling through pages and photos.

At first, OnePlus responded to all complaints of phrases that can be translated from Chinese as “the fool with crooked hands”, but then the problem became widespread, and fell OnePlus promises to donate 5 to the store and demand a refund. After this problem was recognized, and OnePlus has promised to soon release an update firmware, this bug fixes. How soon will be an update, nobody knows, but now certainly it is clear that it is a manufacturing defect, not in the curvature of users ‘ hands. Also received a response to the complaint on the inversion of sound when recording video — it was in last year’s OnePlus 3T, so that the disease is hereditary. The problem of Chinese vendor also promised to solve in the relatively near future.

The smartphone OnePlus 5 was quite contradictory: on the one hand, it is a powerful flagship with a top filling, but, on the other hand, too many of his flaws for the software part, and lies around a lot: first, its performance in benchmarks has been inflated, and then it turned out that he does not have 2-fold optical zoom, though that was stated in the specifications. Whom the Chinese are trying to cheat, is unclear.

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