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OnePlus 7 in render: another leaky smartphone

The next day after the publication of the photos of the smartphone OnePlus 7 widely increase the quality of render. You can now see the upcoming flagship not only behind but in front, and the design is quite good.

Back OnePlus 7 is an exact copy of the cameraphone Nokia 1020 sample 2013, and the emphasis here is also on camera. Therefore, it is possible to take very advanced features in terms of the quality of photos and videos. Front is also very interesting – on the sides and top there are no limits, the unibrow and keyholes also available, and there is only a neat round hole under the camera, as is now fashionable. Fashion this, by the way, asked Samsung and Huawei, so Apple can smoke in the corner with his disgusting monopoly.

The only thing that spoils the impression from the exterior OnePlus 7, so that the lower frame it is thin, but still present. According to recent reports, the OnePlus 7 shows, in may this year, but there is a chance to see it in early spring, almost simultaneously with the Xiaomi Mi 9, which is also in full swing. Specifications OnePlus 7 will include up to 10 GB RAM drive for a maximum capacity of 512 gigabytes, and the USB-C port to charge the battery. Of course, the smartphone will surely be Qualcomm 855 – without it he will lose the competition and fail miserably in the market. The cost of OnePlus 7 not specified.

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