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One photo. Behind the facade of a scoop

Одно фото. За фасадом совка



Одно фото. За фасадом совка

So, friends — today I have another post rubric “one photo”, which recently appeared in my blog. By the way, be sure and go to other posts of this column — there is a lot of interesting. This is a picture I wanted to include one of his photos about life in the Soviet Union — but then I realized that the photograph is self-sufficient and awesome by himself, and about his need to talk separately. In the photo, which in 1957 made Leonid Nikolayev, captures the view of Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow, where on 28 July 1957 took place the opening of the so-called “world festival of youth and students”.

In fact, the whole perfectly illustrates the duality of the scoop — refined whitewashed facade (which tend to make a great first impression) and rotten inside, which is hiding behind this facade.

What we see in the photo? In a distant part of the image is visible so to say “front part” of the Moscow which has got to lenses of cameras and was shown to foreign tourists — there is a clean, flat asphalt, bright buildings, beautiful lights and so on. And in the foreground you can see the very unattractive “back”, hidden beyond the Grand facade — dirty dark yard of the old house and stuff like that.

Below is the snippet unsightly butts of the larger socialism, as well as the question. In General, make sure you check out the article below, write your opinion in the comments, and of friends added do not forget. And telegram channel also subscribe.

02. So, here is larger than what we see in the foreground, is something you never see in the movies of the fifties — where the whole of Moscow consists entirely of newcomers pobelenija of Stalin in which the Soviet citizens absolutely free five-room apartment, entirely deployed on the Sunny side of the world. And what we see in the photo? Shabby old house with rotten window frames, rusty roofs and crooked chimneys and furnace heating, even in the capital of the USSR of the fifties were not uncommon.

In the yard piled some boards on the fence dried stuff — it looks more like some kind of village. The house, apparently not repaired, not painted and not plastered built in “deep Royal” years — that is more than half a century.

Одно фото. За фасадом совка

And also pay attention to the people in the picture. People to look at the festival, bravely climbs to the roof by the fire escape — which in General is very dangerous, especially if the rise in ladies shoes. What does this mean? And it just says that in the “front ranks of the crowd cheering” missed out — most likely, there are taken in the voluntary-compulsory order of different labor groups, who were ordered to get dressed up and pretend to be joyous people.

The same people (local residents, etc.) was forced to climb on the roof of the stairwell to see anything. By the way note that in addition to fire escape in the building there is also a Dormer window with access to the roof — but it most likely was scored in connection with the festival, “to avoid incidents”.

03. Here is another picture of the same festival, made with the same perspective — much that the photographer had left only the “ceremonial” part, completely removing from the frame ugly underside. In fact, and so it was done in Soviet propaganda — in the frame remained only what was needed to show that the people have not seen the whole picture…

Одно фото. За фасадом совка

Such cases.

Write in the comments what you think about it. Whether you want the photo to show people the truth, or just painted facades?


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