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One of the types of chocolate recognized dietary product

Один из видов шоколада признали диетическим продуктом A third of the chocolate bars will not prevent the weight loss.

30 grams of chocolate does not affect the figure in a diet rich in nutrients. Moreover, this portion of the sweet enhances human performance.

But… the chocolate must be dark. The studies found that dark chocolate is the least detrimental to the figure.

The main difference between dark chocolate milk and white is the absence in its composition of milk, as well as a high percentage of cocoa beans. Moreover, the higher the percentage, the chocolate is more valuable, more intense and certainly more expensive.

Nutritionists advise to buy chocolate, if a chocolate bar contains 50-60% cocoa. In some embodiments, the cocoa content can reach up to 70-90%, which is even better for people watching their figure.

When eating dark chocolate in reasonable quantities, carbohydrates will not harm the figure. But still indulge myself better in the first half of the day so the body has time to burn the received calories.

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