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One of the iconic blonde less: Uma Thurman dramatically changed hair color

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46-year-old Uma Thurman (Uma Thurman) appeared at the presentation of the new Pirelli calendar-2017 in Paris in a whole new way. Many were surprised and didn’t even recognize the actress: Thurman dyed her hair brunette!

Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman and Helen Mirren
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Actress almost have never changed my hair color, for a long time Thurman has always been a blonde.

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What made the Mind so sharply to change the color of the hair, is not yet known, but many noted that with the new shade 46-year-old Mind began to look much older than his years.

Fotodom / Rex Features

By the way, on the pages of the new calendar, the actress appeared as a blonde in a natural, almost without makeup and without retouching.

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Uma Thurman
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By the way, the actress still can not agree with his former lover and the father of her child, billionaire Arpad Bussana. Former beloved decide the question about the relationship and meetings men, with their common daughter Moon.

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