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One day diet for emergency weight loss

 Однодневная диета для экстренного похуденияMenu of this diet will not leave you hungry, but will be pleased with the result on the scales.

If you can not decide on drastic weight loss and all waiting for the moment when the excessive fat starts to melt by itself, nutritionists suggest to start small, namely with one-day Express diet. Just one day you can influence in a positive way to work your intestine and accelerate the metabolism, thereby losing weight then will be easier.

A huge advantage of this diet is the absence of hunger. Allowed to eat as much as 5 times and definitely need a day to drink 2 liters of water, so about the brutal appetite is not out of the question. It should be noted that in the Express diet is for one day, on the menu the most appropriate products, taking care of the digestive system and not only, plus, effectively affect the fat cells and flush them from the body together with toxins.

Day diet do not have to use only 1 time. Nutritionists are allowed to use it 1-2 times a week, e.g. Tuesday and Friday. Then the result of the weight loss will be even more noticeable.

Menu Express diet:


Place muesli and corn flakes three tablespoons into a bowl, add chopped Apple and pour a glass of kefir.

Second Breakfast

Grate three carrots, add 2 tbsp of curd and add lemon juice and a teaspoon of olive oil.


Fresh egg salad is prepared with carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, eggs and onions. As a dressing use oil and lemon juice.

Afternoon tea

In a blender beat until the consistency of mashed potatoes 1 cucumber, small bunch of green onions and some dill, and then mix it with 100 ml of kefir or natural yoghurt.


Sandwich of wholemeal or black bread with butter and fresh vegetables, seasoned with black pepper and salt.

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